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Coldplayer 01-28-2008 10:42 PM

Optimize Internet Speeed
Tired of slow internet? cant afford to upgrade to ADSL2+..this simple guide will help boost your internet connection....First of all you guys should turn off Windows Update and just update manually every week or so...Windows update automatically downloads updates which slows down your internet without you knowing its updating..It will also take up bandwith as well. Next instead of Internet Explorer go for Mozilla or Opera (safari is good but still bugs)..If going with mozilla firefox download the flashblock and adblock extensions. Also a handy app (not free) is Admuncher which works with all browsers. has a great tweaking utility which can improve your internet greatly...Also use a internet download manager. I like IDM (not free), DAP (also not free)..A good free solouition is Flashget. If your internet is still very slow after this then you should check all your copper cables and phonelines are in good condition. Having bad cables lead to internet disconnecting randomly...lower speed...speed bumps and general internet unreliability.
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