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AcJazzGirl 05-11-2008 10:55 PM

Pictures from Flash Drive
Please help! I transfered all my pictures, documents, music and videos from my laptop that is running Windows XP to my new laptop that runs Vista via a flash drive. Some pics will open while others say "Photo Gallery can't open this picture or video. The file format is not supported, or you don't have the latest updates to Photo Gallery" I tried opening them with Paint and it says "Paint cannot read this file. This is not a valid bitmap file, or it's file is not currently supported" Now I transfered not copied these important pics to the flash drive so I don't have backup on the XP laptop. I tried to open the pics on my XP laptop and it says "Removable drive must be formatted in order to use it" or something like that. I hope someone can help me, it was all my pictures that i've had over the years and now I fear they are gone :*( Thanks a bunch!

cpearson 05-13-2008 11:47 AM

What type of image files are you working with here. The common images formats (identified by extension; .jpg, .gif, .png) should open with any image viewer. Where did these images originate. If the images are of a support type there is a chance they might have been corrupted.

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