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mdhoover 10-24-2009 03:38 PM

i think my hdd is knackered?
Hi chaps,

I have a Tosh Satellite A100, approx 2 years old with 2gb of RAM 1gb of which i installed myself. Ran Vista home ultimate. Couple months ago ran into some problems, it just stopped booting - went so far then BSOD me and restarted, couldnt make out what the BS was because is flashed past so quick. Anyway, I reinstalled Vista via recovery disk but then instead of booting into vista it went on a recovery mode loop, where it kept error checking but finding nothing telling me if id made any hardware changes etc to revert back to original equipment or somesuch.

Ive tried redoing the recovery several times to no avail. I installed ubuntu onto the comp which worked for a while but then that messed up and wouldnt boot, but Im not familiar with Linux so i gave up trying to fix that pretty quick.

To me it points to the HDD being the root of my problems. But before I ditch it and buy another i was wondering if there was anything else i could try at all?

if i havent provided enough to work with, i apologise for i am a n00b.

Ta very much.

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