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tjmoran 11-09-2007 06:05 AM

index for file names
Can anyone tell me if this is possible.
I want to create a folder containing file names extentions and tags for video and photo. But not the file its self. For files held in various locations on the computer.
Preferable with the ability to click the entry and it to open.
The purpose to flag duplication and aid organisations.
The soloution would need to obtain the info from the original files. Copying the name of the file without copying the file its self.
Have tried search but did'nt find anything on this.
I'm not very good with computers. so simple would be helpfull.
Thanks for your help.

tcash11 11-09-2007 03:21 PM

Magic folders?
Not sure if Im understanding your request exactly, but there is a great Sidebar gadget that sounds like it might be the solution to what you are looking to do... check it out here

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