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leezinho 12-17-2014 09:40 PM

Monitor display vertically compressed
My monitor display suddenly (from one use to the next) became vertically compressed. All text looks like what typographers call an "extended" or "expanded" typeface but these terms are oriented horizontally. Actually the print is normal width, but reduced in height, and harder to read. Formerly circular icons (Chrome, smileyface, etc.) measure about 20% wider than high.
But there are no black margins at the top or bottom of the screen.
I think the trouble dates from when I followed advice to download "The Common Controls" from Microsoft, to solve another problem.
The monitor (HP w1707) has controls to move the image up/down/left/right, but none to adjust aspect ratio.
The Windows Vista operating system has had Service Pack 1 installed, but fails when I try to install Service Pack 2.

michael 12-17-2014 10:57 PM

Several things could have happened:

(1) You've selected the wrong resolution in the control panel for the display. You should be able to right click on the desktop and access the control so that you can change the resolution.

(2) Your monitor might have had something change, a preset, some glitch in the vertical settings. Almost all of them have a setting to adjust the size of the picture, which is not resolution. It's a hardware setting which you can stretch the viewable screen area. Sometimes it requires getting into a separate menu. Do you have access to the manual?

(3) If it's only in a browser, then it could be the sizing but I doubt that's the case.

(4) I don't recall whether there is another setting in Vista that also allows you to set another parameter which you can in later versions of Windows (scaling.)

(5) Something else.

Try the first - most important - confirm you screen resolution. If you need, go to the Internet and there are sites that will read this from your computer.

leezinho 12-18-2014 08:10 PM

Thanks for your suggestions, Michael.
As it turns out, a local guru of my acquaintance suggested I run "System Restore". That failed on the first two tries. If I remember correctly, I then googled "System Restore" and found the advice to reboot in Safe Mode, and then to run "System Restore"--and that finally stretched my screen back out to its normal proportions.
The problem is solved.

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