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dsears 08-27-2007 11:40 PM

Can't modify weather gadget
Go easy on me, guys, I'm just a PC user, not an avid computer user nor techy.

When I first got my new HP Pavillion with Vista Home Premium OS a few months ago, I installed the Weather Channel gadget on my Sidebar.
I could not get it to reflect weather from my local area, rather only weather in State College PA, so deleted it.
I tried again this week, by instead searching Accuweather's website for my local weather, then clicking on Accuweather's direct Vista gadget download. Again, I got the weather only for State College PA.

Why is it not updating to my local weather?

The only thing I could think of is that I had bought 2 month old floor model, but the entire hard drive was restored to wipe out anything the store technicians had it set on in short time they had it on display.

I've never been to State College PA, never asked for weather there. Why is it haunting me.

elainetm 09-08-2007 01:03 PM

To othe right of the installed gadget are an X and a Tool icon. Use the tool and then give the gadget your zipcode and then search. When it provides you with the proper town, set it in or okay it or whatever it requests that you do to finalize and change from PA to your town/state.

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