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Default horrible crackling noise with all audio

I've had a few problems with my computer recently and I'm not exactly sure what the cause of it all is (most likely a virus of some kind) but one of the main problems and most annoying is the fact that all my audio seems to constantly pop, crackle and, at its worst, will even slow down to about a quarter of the speed and sound totally crazy.

The problem becomes worse when I am running a couple of programs, which is another issues that I need to resolve but programs that shouldn't take up that much CPU all of a sudden start completely hogging my system. Aside from this though, I'm still getting these crackling sounds before any of this comes into play as the windows start up sounds crackle and this is what confuses me most?? I think I'm virus free as all the programs that I've used seem to tell me I'm fine but the issues with my CPU going crazy, programs crashing/ taking up ridiculous CPU and the music issues makes me maybe think otherwise?

I've got a fairly decent system, 3G dual core processor and 2G of ram so I just cannot understand what the problem is?? I've ran everything that I can think of to improve my system performance and but it just hasn't had any real affect, everything is up to date too and I just can't seem to get to the bottom of it

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