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Did you actually try the sticky keys ? Or did you just bypass experiment and go straight to the sarcasm?

Sticky keys is a feature of computer Desktop Environments. It is an accessibility feature to aid users who have physical disabilities. Sticky keys allows the user to press a modifier key, such as Shift, Ctrl, Alt, or the Windows key, and have it remain active until another key is pressed. This program was introduced on Windows 95 and is also used on later versions.

To toggle on or off the StickyKeys feature, the user should press the Shift key 5 times in a row given that they are on a Windows system and the feature is not disabled. When activated a popup screen should come, and the computer should make a internal chirp.

Btw I spilt a little cola on my lenovo laptop last year, and the keys behaved just as yours were described as doing. I removed keys and cleaned as much as possible with isopropyl, but the damage was done and only a replacement keyboard from the OEM fixed it.
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