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This is always a problem with Beta software, in this case the as yet non public released version that found it's way onto torrent sites is not even Beta code, it's post Alpha but still pre Beta and you use those things at your own risk.
I have not even considered trying this yet, despite the dubious legality of doing so aside, I am part of MS public beta program, which is how I know the code you have got is not even a releasable Beta. I spend most of my surfing time trying to help others with PC troubles, however in this case I do not know enough about the OS yet to be able to advise, when a properly formatted public Beta is release, could be this month I hope, I will take time to have alook at how things work, or don't and maybe able to offer help to anyone who has lawfully acquired a copy of it (which wont be very many people).
Regret to say at the moment you are on your own with this one, it's part of the fun (not) of running Beta systems, which I have a machine to use just for that purpose, I would never comtemplate running it on this, my daily use machine.

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