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Ok, there are ways, and there are means. We have exhausted all of the Vista options.

Plan B is to download UBUNTU 8.10 (live distro) and burn it to a cd, boot up the computer with it in the DvD and press f8 and boot from the cd drive.

DO NOT ...i repeat do not choose the install option, choose the live option (1). When the computer OS (login =user / password = user) has started, navigate to Places (top left) your hard drive will be mounted as Hda0, click that and go to Users, and then find your account in that directory. Insert a flash drive into the computer (ubuntu will automount it) and copy and paste all your data to the flash drive. If you have an external hard-drive do the same. (ps flash needs to be formated FAT32). Get all your data off the hard drive then reboot (take out the live disk and replace with the vista install disk).

The limitations of Vista tools to recover admin privileges is not my ignorance, rather that Microsoft has patched all the "security holes"; and now if you lose admin status, and do not have the password. Or some part of the OS malfunctions (or more likely functions correctly and the user is at fault), and you are unable to access admin (using any of the above methods) there is nothing to be done.

You will have to re-install, if you want a fully functioning Vista. I used to use Sysinternals ERD Commander to reset the admin password in XP, but it does not work in vista and since Microsoft bought out the company there has been no, and never will be, a Vista edition.

You should realize that some of us run our systems day to day with none of these issues ever cropping up, and our ability to help is not limited so much by not having the correct answers. Indeed with google, and MSDN and a plethora of search engines and forums on the web; solving a problem often boils down to just asking the right questions, in an understandable way. This is a combination of experience, knowledge, and a willingness to experiment and fail.

I help you out of selfish reasons really. To be honest I almost never have problems running my computers, hardware or software. The only chance I get to stretch my knowledge, and improve my skills is my helping folk like you who seem to inexplicably suffer "random" issues that have no origin with the user, but always with the operating system.

Good day..

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