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re-submitting your site will actually count as a negative against you.
What you do to ensure you are listed is this.
Make sure your site is relevant to the titles and topics you have listed it under. Then add new content, you will always rate better if your content chamges regularly and especially if added to regularly. A forum I run is consistantly listed high in the listing as there is constantly new content added. Also the point about linking is a good one, the spiders like to find you linked to other sites, but again it needs to be of relevance to your content. The way pages and content are ranked had to changed from the old embedded meta tags system as it was open to such abuse, people would use words which are popular search terms but had nothing to do with the content of the site, try that now and you wont even get listed. Just be aware that unless you were savvy enough to buy a domain name which people are going to search for, for you subject, it's gonna take a long time to establish a good rating. You'll know when what you're doing (adding content etc is working 'cos you'll have google bots and yahoo spiders constantly visiting your pages.

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