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Angry Angry vista customer

I received an angry email from a not so satisfied vista customer. I am not sure what do about this being that and myself are not affiliated with Microsoft in any way. This email inspired me to put a short disclaimer in the forum footer. I just pulled it out of my arse so any suggestions are encouraged. I thought it was moderately funny so I decided to post it.

I find lots of people that have the problem about Picture It 2001 and 2002 not working with Vista.

I think it is unconscionable that Microsoft, as a responsible company, would publish an operating system that makes earlier versions of graphics software published by Microsoft unuseable and obsolete, and you do not offer an updated version of the software (MS Digital Imaging Suite IS NOT A SUITABLE SUBSTITUTE!!)

I think you need to develop a patch right away and get this into the system so that users of Microsoft software can use it forever, with any future operating system you develop.

Or maybe, I should just switch to Apple and avoil Microsoft products altogether.

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