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Angry Desktop background will not center...

Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone might have a solution to this...

Every time I go to my Desktop Appearance settings, and select "Center" for my background picture, the image does not change- any image I select for my background is always stretched. My resolution is 1280 x 800. Even when I go to Graphics Properties after right clicking the desktop, it will not allow me to change it so it is centered.

Nothing I've tried has worked, can someone please help?

EDIT: After doing some searching on the site, I found that my problem has already been installed! Instead of right clicking a picture and selecting "Set as Desktop Background", go to Personalize > Desktop Background > and then browse for the picture you want. Then I can select how I want it to be displayed, with no trouble at all.

Thanks, "Miki", for posting that solution!

And I apologize for posting a useless thread >_<

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