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Vista will use up to about 1.5 Gig if you have the amount you do, but it's not high or a matter of concern, if you start a program or game that requires some of it, Vista will release it.
Mine will use fairly similar to your figures, currently at idle it seems to favour about 1.2 Gig that's with 54 services running, I have 4Gb RAM but with a 32bit system Vista gets about 3.5Gig to use after the graphics and other memories have been mapped.
Interestingly........maybe, Tomshardware have recently published bench results on amounts of RAM used and have found that with any amount of RAM onboard Vista will only use around 3GB, even if there's 12Gb available (X64 systems). So it seems those of us with 4Gb have probably hit the sweet spot depending on the amount of video memory your card carries.

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