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Default No internet connectivity even when im connected to the internet?

Alright. So. Up until a few weeks ago, all my PC games worked fine. It was the 22nd of september exactly when everything stopped working. I recently borrowed a copy of CoD4 and when I went to play it, none of the servers showed up. Filtering was fine on it.

But that isnt where it started. I play a game named Cross Fire, its an online fps. It had a patch that day. I updated it at the wrong time, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. It came up as an error, which I recently solved by myself. But that also isnt the point. Any other games I play it wont allow me to connect to the server. Ive tried over 3 different big free online FPS games. None are allowing me to connect to the server. One game gave me an error stating "No Internet Connectivity" although I was connected to the internet.

I play games online on my consoles fine. I can play online with good connection and everything. But when it comes to PC games, no matter what game, It wont let me play. I can browse the internet fine, and my AIM works fine. xFire has stopped working aswell, saying "unable to connect to server". Ive tried CCleaner, and that didnt help.

Any ideas on what I can do to be able to play games online on my PC?

Oh and btw. Im running Vista Home Basic 32bit.

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