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Default My 3rd partition gone when uninstalling Vista and reinstalling Win XP

anybody could help me to fix the problems?
here it is:
yesterday i'd trying to install win Vista ultimate edition on my PC. my previous OS was Win XP pro edition SP2. after play arround with my new upgrade install to new Vista Ultimate beta version, i decide to remove again my Vista and return to Win XP.
so far so good when i installed my old Win XP pro edition SP2 and everything gone well.. but when i seek my 3rd partition drive.... the drive was gone...and then i'll check to the hard drive / removable manager on XP ... there's a new partition with no information. and i can't delete it...
so i turn to my win XP bootable disk management,...and try to remove from there... but my task was unable to do that...
the drive was shown with X: drive...
anyone could help me????? and let my 40 gigs invisible drive came to live ...?

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