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Old 06-30-2008
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Default Internet Problem

Hello, I have been a vista user for a couple of months now, all has been well, not many problems. But, just recently we had bad storms in my area, so we unplugged the power cord of my computer incase lightning were to strike our house our electronics wouldn't get damaged. Today I finally got around to plugging it back in, when i booted it up everything was fine, but my internet was VERY slow, my home page (google) took some time to pop up, but when ever I tried to go to another website, it would take like 5 minutes to get half way loaded. I have tried everything i could think of, system restore, resetting my router, nothing seems to work. I get internet via wirelessley with a cable connection, right now I am on my laptop which is working fine, I have no clue what is wrong and if anyone has any tips or suggestions, please help!!!
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Old 07-01-2008
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Storms often cause networking equitment (especially wireless networking) problems. Make sure you unplug (power cycle) your cable modem. If you run a seperate wireless router be sure to power cycle it also.

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Old 07-06-2008
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Before you do anything else I suggest contacting your provider, they may have suffered some problems remote from you which they have had to re-route while they fix it. Generally speaking if you have suffered a 'strike' ,which can happen if a line is struck several miles away, the modem chip is fried and is completely dead and Unservicable, rather than just slowing things down.
Have a word with your ISP first.
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