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Old 02-26-2009
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Unhappy Laptop sleep issue, hanging going to and resuming from sleep

Hi, I've got a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 (1.5 yrs old; Intel core 2 CPU 2.33GHz; 2GB RAM) with Vista Business (SP1 32bit) and often when I put it to sleep, it will hang or crash on resume forcing me to to do a hard shut down. Sometimes the screen will just be totally black and hang, and sometimes it will get to vista's "resuming" splash screen or even the login screen and then hang/crash. Often the disk activity LED will remain on indefinitely (due to the hang) even though I can't hear any disk activity. As far as I'm aware all my drivers are up to date. I'm just so fed up with loosing documents and personal settings now I've got to do something about it, and from googling, it seems this is a pretty widespread problem but I've not come across a solution that's worked for me - I've even installed the extra KB patch that was meant to fix it.

Also, sometimes when I put it to sleep (fully charged) and not use it for a a few hours, I find that the laptop has lost power during sleep because the battery has been run flat and the ventilation grille feels warm, even though I know that the battery can normally last much much longer on sleep. Is it possible that the computer resumed itself from sleep to hibernate after 200 mins on battery (as my power settings dictate) and then crashed whilst resuming, causing it to drain itself flat (since it my laptop should have entered automatic hibernation on the critical battery warning unless it was unable to respond)? Is this a power setting problem? (I have hybrid hibernation turned off, since I still lost my documents in the past with it on).

I tend to find that sleep goes wrong the most when I'm on the move and regularly changing power supplies from mains to battery. I often unplug the laptop from the mains as it is entering sleep mode as I pack the laptop away (or plug into mains during resume). I had the laptop on mains without switching to battery all last week as I stayed at home and sleep was never failed once. As soon as I was on the move and started switching supplies again this week sleep instantly failed twice in two days. Also, I've noticed it's unreliable when I remove or add a usb device (i.e. usb mouse).

I've noticed that in Event Viewer that every time that resume hangs and I have to manually shut down and boot the laptop up again, there's an unexpected shut down logged, but prior to resuming and not at the time I manually forced the shut down:

---23/02/09 (hung on resume)---
Put to sleep at 12:50:48 PM
Resumed at 1:08:09 PM (then hard shut down)
But unexpected shut down logged prior to this at 12:51:41 PM

154607 D9070200010017000C00330029002001D9070200010017000C 00330029002001600900003C000000

---24/02/09 (battery ran flat after sleep; ventilation grille still warm on resume)---
Put to sleep at 12:50:28 PM
Resumed at 5:20:01 PM (then hard shut down)
But unexpected shut down logged prior to this at 16:11:05 PM

D90702000200180010000B0005000302D90702000200180010 000B0005000302600900003C000000


Sorry for all the details, but hopefully that'll help getting to the right solution faster.

Thanks very much.

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