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Old 11-26-2008
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Default Speech recognition software remaps keyboard - help meeeeeeeeee !

Ok so I discovered the new speech recognition software in vista. Wow it is so fantastic I thought. I then told it to "stop listening" and had a chat to my friend. The Speech recognition software overheard our conversation (that was in Spanish by the way) , activated itself and and interpreted our conversation as an instruction to remap my keyboard.
Presently my "u" is now a "4" i=5 o=6 p=* j=1 k=2 l=3 ;=- and m = 0. How can I remap my keyboard ?

P.S. I have tried inputing different language layouts such as US English / UK English etc, but it doesnt make any difference.

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Old 11-27-2008
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Download mapping software, I don't know what did cause it to be remapped but I can say with absolute confidence, it didn't happen because you had a Spanish conversation with someone, that is probably the most preposterous assertion I have seen made about a PC in 25 or more years of repairing these machines, speach recognition is one thing but the software has not transformed your machine into a sentient being !
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