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Old 07-10-2011
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Default Minimizing on Vista

I've been into computer gaming for years, and only recently (well, less than a year anyway) went from XP to Vista. Unfortunately, the majority of the games I play (mostly newer, modern games) will not come back up properly after being minimized on Vista (usually by pressing the Windows key, but I've also experimented with ctrl+shft+esc, alt+tab, or have just had some notification balloon pop up that forces the game to minimize, and they all have the same effect) then trying to go back into them by clicking on their rectangle in the Taskbar. On XP, I loved how I could easily minimize a game, do something quick, then go go back into it, but in Vista, this causes the game to freeze and stop responding with almost all of them. The only one I've noticed this doesn't happen with is Dawn of War. I don't know if this is maybe just a Video Card thing, or a Vista thing, or something else entirely but either way I'd love to know if anyone has a way of fixing this. Most games would come back up perfectly of XP. (Also, going with Comparability Mode for the game doesn't fix it haha) I'd appreciate any ideas.

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