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Default Unable to bridge connections

Hi, I have problem with bridging connections on vista. I want to combine Wireless Network Connection with Local Area Connection so I can share internet connection with another device which has no wireless adapter and it needs to be connected with cable. Basicly I want to use my laptop as wireless adapter for my Xbox360.

I was able to do it previously but now something came up. Untill yesterday I was opening properties of wireless connection and on 'Share' tab i checked both fields, clicked 'OK' and then i highlighted both connections and bridged them. Now when I do that vista says:

"To create Network Bridge, you must select at least two LAN or Hi-Speed Internet connections that are not being used by Internet Connection Sharing."

Ok, when i uncheck sharing I can bridge connections but what I want is to share the internet. I looked for various tutorials and how-to but without any luck. Can anyone help?

Specs - Vista SP2 (no other updates), fresh install (thought it would be faster than searching for answer), AmiloLi 1718 laptop.

/Edit - ip on laptop and other IPv4 settings are on 'automatic' (on x360 also, tried static which worked previously).

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