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Old 04-04-2008
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Default Camera to PC video capture

Howdy Vistahelp! I come to you all today with a question. I have an old samsung camcorder, model SCL860. This camera uses small vhs tapes to record with. To watch video playback, the tape must be rewound, then the camera must be connected to the tv with the white and yellow jacks. As of yet, that's the only way i've been able to watch what i've recorded.

It has a S-Video jack as well. I tried to set up windows media center to accept the S-Video signal as a TV signal, but on both Cable and Satellite TV it requires me to have a 'IR Reciever'. It gives me no instructions or details on what exactly that is, so my first question is what they're looking for.

Furthermore, i noticed in both satellite and cable setup on WMC, when i selected the input signal location to 'S-Video 1', which is located on my 6150se video card, the signal WAS getting through. I saw in a small box on-screen the video my camera was putting out. So i know the devices all work, and the output is working properly. When i advanced a few steps later, i ran into the IR Reciever problem, and could not continue.

I've tried routing through my DirecTv reciever, my VCR, and my TV. I tried using Windows Movie Maker. I have also tried to connect it directly to my Nvidia 8600gt (i have 2 cards obviously), and nothing happened. I'm not sure if the PC can detect the Svideo cable connected to the 8600.

Since i know the camera is putting out good signal, and my PC can recieve it, i need to know what to do/use to capture that video.

Thanks for reading!
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