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Default Local Area Connection 2 does not have a valid IP configuration

Hi guys,

This is my first post - and I am a beginner level user.

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 and I have a Sitcom 300N Wireless Gigabyte router. I have an HP dv2000 series laptop. I always run windows update and so you could assume I have all of the most recent service packs etc.

I recently purchased a new VPN and downloaded the associated application. The VPN runs on Open VPN protocol and installs a driver for the Tap Win32 V9 adapter which I assume it uses to connect to the VPN server. In the Networking & Sharing Centre, this new connection shows up as Local Area Connection 2.

When I run the VPN application, everything happens as it is supposed to. The application system tray icon turns bright green and when I hover my mouse over it , the label indicates the VPN is connected. If I visit "whats my ip" or the like, It indicates a different IP and location to my real one.

There is an indication though of a problem which my VPN support has not been able to address and is causing me to worry a little.

When the VPN is connected and I hover my mouse over the network connection status icon in my system tray, the status of the VPN connection access is "Local Only".

Speed tests show that the download speed of the VPN connection is very slow relative to my regular download speed

When connected to the VPN, the rotating blue disc which graphically represents an internet connection and appears in the system tray in Vista is missing.

When the VPN is activated and I view my internet connection in the Network and Sharing Centre, there is a red cross between the "Multiple Networks" icon and the "Internet" icon. (however i can still access the internet)

When I diagnose this connection issue, Windows network diagnostics returns the message "Local Area Connection 2 does not have a valid IP configuration". I have tried the three offered solutions (resetting the adapter etc) and none work.

I have a tendency to just forget about this and leave it alone given I can surf the net and my IP address seems to be protected - however there is another part of me that thinks that my system could have a "leak" somewhere which is creating a vulnerability given these various error messages.

I have tried:

Reinstalling the VPN application and Tap driver as administrator
Disabling/enabling the connection

What do you think?

Thanks in advance,

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