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Default How do I eliminate the new automatic File Upload window feature

In my photo gallery, I always had the option to copy the line above, paste to the next lower window, and change just one digit. It was a LOT faster than having to scroll down and look for the next picture in the sequence. But now that I have Vista, once I click in the window, it automatically opens a file upload window, and makes me SCREAM! Help!

I'd like to eliminate many of these "intelligent" features. If you know of any more you think I'd appreciate, please, please, let me know!

Thanks so much in advance,


The above problem is in Firefox, but if I got to Internet Explorer, yes, it lets me highlight and copy from the first FILE window, but then won't let me PASTE it into the next FILE window (in order to then change one digit). It will allow me to paste into any of the CAPTION windows. I never had any of these problems, exact same version of gallery, in my old NT ... with Firefox and IE!

Also, now that we're talking Internet Explorer, I have three additional problems. First, why does it take forever to get to a link in IE, but I can instantly get to the same links in Firefox? In general, I'm having one HECK of a time getting ctrl-c (copy) to work, and have to do it multiple times ... this is a NEW HP computer! Finally, I can't "highlight" a photo (chose it to be the album's thumbnail) in my gallery anymore while in internet explorer, becuae it's STILL blocking popups, even after I've set popups allowable in every place I can find. I clearly have too many security programs running at once, including several that came with my machine. Can someone help me debug/cull unnecessary redundancies? Here are my top and bottom of screens, to see the CLUTTER I have already ... Thanks sooo much in advance again!!!

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