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Old 01-24-2009
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Default How to assist xp-home sp3 from vista home premium

Frequently I will remotely assist friends from my Windows XP Laptop. I now have a Vista Home Premium 32 bit Laptop instead and have not been able to get the remote assistance to work since. The only change has been my Laptop so I think I must need to adjust a setting on the new Vista Laptop to fix the trouble. We have used Windows messenger for them to invite me and I click accept and then things either don't proceed further and freeze up or if they do go further it opens up part way and says it's connecting but never does. I also have connected a windows hp home machine to my own router and logged into messenger as one of them and tried to invite myself so I could see both machines and it does the same thing. It will work fine If both computers are vista (i tried with same router both computers vista) any ideas ??

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Old 01-24-2009
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This Vista\XP remote connection cross talk thing has always been a burden.
Some have fixed it by removing the IPV6 and link layer topology then going as far as installing XP drivers on the Vista machine (yes it does work and does clarify the situation to the extent it actually works). There is also a reg. tweak to allow up to 4 or more server connections from either machine which does speed things up consideranly when you get it sorted.

It has probably been the single largest topic I have had to discuss and seen discussed since Vista came out, much as I love Vista (purely platonic you understand ) it seems to be the one thing they have been reluctant to tackle. Just as a matter of interest maybe, you can still get Win 7 beta until 10th. next month and why mention this ? simple it works a charm connecting to Vista, XP or any variation thereof. Strange how they did that for 7 but can't for Vista, you can probably gather I am testing Win 7 and pulling it to bits in the hope that when it's required I may be able to assist some poor bods having problems, fortunately being built on a familar Vista kernal it's an easy learning curve.
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