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Old 10-16-2008
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Lightbulb Vista/XP on external HDD?


I got an ACER Aspire laptop with Vista Home Premium on>

For my old softwares like QuarkXPress, I need XP installed.

With my system I did not get any DVD or CD I can not use the usual dualboot methods, so i look for something else.

I am planning to get a second HDD and replace the existing one.
Then I install on the new HDD the XP professional.

Then I get a SATA-USB2 cable and connect the old HDD with Vista to the USB port.
Setting the boot sequence should sort out where do I boot from.

I expect that I can freely swap the two HDD.

The big question : WOULD IT WORK?

Thank you for any input on this !

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Old 10-17-2008
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Really that all depends on if the BIOS supports booting to USB devices, which being a laptop is unlikely. At best they support booting to flash\thumb drives which is handy for repairing or carrying a personalised system on a stick but not much else, those things are just not big enough yet.
Can you not simply partition the drive that you have and install XP to the new partition, it won't need much space and you can then use an external drive for simple storage.?

PS .Your laptop has a restore partition and there should be a link from the start menu to burn a recovery disk, you really should do this now, before anything else and you can download a Vista repair disk for free and legal which helps a lot when setting up dual boot, you can use it to 'repair' Vista's boot files after XP has overwritten them for example.

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Old 10-21-2008
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Thanks, I was not sure that I can make my own rescue disk, and thats why I was choose a bit complicated way.

Thanks again,

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