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Old 06-23-2009
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Default Install Vista Basic

HI All. Hope this in right forum.

I am reinstalling Vista for a friend, He has a key for basic but the dvd he has is so scrached that the drive wont read it, so i was wondering I have a home premium version can i install basic using my dvd and his key?. Thank you in advance for any help


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Old 06-23-2009
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I think the answer is basically "no you cannot".

This is because nearly all computer systems come with Vista installed using a VLK (volume licence key) authourised OEM (originating electronics manufacturer) version of the OS. The disk you have got if it is retail will be tied to your system, when you ring up MS to authorize it they will know from the hash number generated by thier security descriptors that the system is not the same one assigned to your machine. If you have a back-up OEM version (delivered from the factory with your machine) the same will also hold true.

What this means in laymans terms is that Vista was installed at the factory, and authorized using the factories licence. This means that to get another copy of Vista for your friends system he will have to call the makers support office and order a replacement disk with the image of Vista licenced to his machine.

There will probably be a serial number he has to quote (from the machines chassis) and he will also have to pay for the disks (my mother paid 25 pounds to Dell for that service).

It is unfortunate but then that is why it is wise to only ever take out such important disks in emergencies and to keep them safe (with warranties backups etc) and also to make up rescue disks when you first get the system. Forewarned is forearmed .

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