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Old 08-01-2007
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Default Looking for a date/time formating function

I am looking for a function to convert a date and time to a "pretty print" format like the format this forum displays.

11 minutes ago
6 hours ago
2 days ago
1 week ago

The function would have to find the difference in the current date/time and the passed data/time value. Then it would have to test for minute(s),hour(s),day(s),week(s) cases. I am too lazy to write this function so if you know a good one post it here. Before anyone asks, I looked through vbulletin (this system) code but gave up.

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Old 01-29-2008
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Here is a function from Pure-Esssence.net that will calculate the time diff. from now to a given timestamp.


/* returns an array of [days],[hours],[minutes],[seconds] time left from now to timestamp given */ 
function timeleft($time_left=0, $endtime=null) { 
	if($endtime != null) 
		$time_left = $endtime - time(); 
	if($time_left > 0) { 
		$days = floor($time_left / 86400); 
		$time_left = $time_left - $days * 86400; 
		$hours = floor($time_left / 3600); 
		$time_left = $time_left - $hours * 3600; 
		$minutes = floor($time_left / 60); 
		$seconds = $time_left - $minutes * 60; 
	} else { 
		return array(0, 0, 0, 0); 
	return array($days, $hours, $minutes, $seconds); 
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