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Old 04-20-2008
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Default IE Favorites Folder big messup!

Hey, I have another newbish issue!
I use Firefox 95% of the time, yet occasionally use IE for instance if a site caps the amount of files you can download at one time.
Anyway, I got sick of the Favorites folder appearing in my User folder, every time I go on IE, this didn't used to happen, but had to reboot my laptop earlier this month, and couldn't find out how I'd resolved the situation before.

anyway, I couldn't find a solution for deleting the Favorites folder permanently, so decided to change it's Location under Properties, I decided to take it to Program Files, thinking it wouldn't bug me if it was there. Only, for some reason (now this might be ordinary, and simply my foolishness; I know I may have been foolish to relocate it there in the first place) the Program Files folder then turns up in the User folder, and I can't seem to move it, or cut it or delete it at all, even though it is still present under C:

Can anyone help a stupid idiot out? Thank you.

Running Vista Home Premium. Thanks.
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