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Old 05-06-2009
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Default no place to type in admin password

all im trying to do is install a font. if you have a workaround to the uac for font installation that will work too. my dad is out of town for a month and i need the font for a school literary magazine project but he doesnt trust me with the password.

ok i have a user account which used to be an admin account (vista home premium).

my dad is the admin and i dont care to bypass the UAC or anything.

the problem is that when the prompt comes up, the "OK" button is shaded out and it says "type in administrator password" but there are no available users to select or anyplace to type in a password.

this is annoying not just for me but also for my dad when i need him to install things for me.

it would be really cool if i didnt have to reinstall vista or anything.

there is one other admin account besides the owner account(my dads) if that makes a difference

i have tried regedit to make the prompt authenticate automatically but it just says that it cant pull up a prompt anymore
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Old 05-08-2009
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I hope you will understand and forgive that as you don't have admin status for whatever reason, it would be very remiss of me to tell you how to bypass the security system, but your dad wont be upset ! Is there some reason why he cant do it for you, or can you not get in touch with him to get the admin account password, he can always change it if\when he gets the chance later on.

As far as it goes, to install a font you only need to drag it kicking and screaming and drop it into the font folder, I'm not entirely sure you need admin status to do this, but I may be wrong.

Sorry if this doesn't help you, nothing personal but peeps use passwords for a reason, that's all.

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