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Old 01-07-2009
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Default Difference between C drive and E drive

Hi there,

Apologies if this seems like an obvious question.

I'm running a Vista laptop and I have a C drive and an E drive - I know that a C drive is typically where to store My Documents, My Pics etc...so what is the E drive for?

It isn't any USB device or CD/DVD, it was there when I first started up the system and it says Data (E), where my C drive says Vista (C).

I am running out of space on the C drive and was wondering if the E drive can be used in the same way, i.e. to store docs & pictures on? Thanks...

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Old 01-09-2009
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On a laptop the E:\ or any other letter drive (actually a smallish partition) is usually the place where your 'factory restore' files are located, so if ever you want or need ,to reset your machine back to the condition it was in when you bought it, you need that drive and it's data, it contains your copy of Vista and all other software and drivers. The booklet that came with the laptop will explain in more detail, as will searching for it from the 'help menu'. There you will also be able to find how to burn a DVD of these much needed files, which before anything else I would suggest you do now.

This is different to Vista's restore system which will only restore Vista's files to some time earlier than the current date.

If you are confident you can follow the instructions to restore the system and all software back to factory condition, using said DVD, then you could format the smaller E:\ partition giving you more storage space.

Personally I wouldn't, I would rather make archives of needed data burned to DVD\CD and then free up as much space as possible on the OS drive C:\

At least having the restore files on a DVD and partition E:\ gives you a very good chance of being able to get your machine working again whatever happens to it.

Final question, have you run the 'disk cleanup' wizard (find it from accessories\system tools\disk cleanup) following the instructions from that can clear you a fairly hefty lump of space, I estimate around 20Gb, if you agree to all the suggestions, the partition E: is likely less than half that.
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Old 01-14-2009
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Well, for my computer, E:\ is my DVD drive and D:\ is my recovery drive (made by HP). Cyclic's solution works, but you can also get a flash drive or an external hard disk. An external hard disk is only good for desktops (works with laptops, but not worth lugging around. I doubt its your docs and pics... it could be. It probably is your programs. Scrolls through programs and features and uninstall your unneeded programs. ONLY UNINSTALL PROGRAMS YOU'VE INSTALLED! DONT UNINSTALL ANY PREINSTALLED PROGRAMS. CHANCES ARE, YOU WON'T GET THEM BACK.
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