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Old 11-25-2007
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Question Spam post rules??

So after we have noticed several potential "spam" posts, what are the suggestions for a set of rules that moderators will follow for removing such posts? Is there a particular forum that has these rules outlined in their user agreement that anyone knows of that works well? Obviously there are some blatant ones the link so some viagra site or whatever, but what about people self promoting themselves (Im guilty of it myself) for free software? As this site is growing fairly well these days its probably important we set some rules up for this. Thoughts?

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Old 11-25-2007
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Default general rule ideas

Good call on the thread tcash11. This is an issue that needs to be discussed. Some forums restrict new members from posting live links for a defined number of days. I am hesitant with this approach personally, but I am open any other ideas on this rule. As for self promotion, which I am also guilty of. I think a little self promotion is fine on forums as long as it meets a couple criteria. The "self promotion" (post, thread, link, advice, etc) should be relevant, on topic, and useful. The linked to website should contain relevant and useful information and / or resource (gadget, application, dreamscene, etc) that is available free to the user. This may be in addition to other paid information, products or services. All links to third party websites should be accompanied by a brief description of the resource and how it might be useful. These rules apply mainly to posts and threads. Signatures may contain more direct promotional content. These are some ideas I had lets hear what some other mods and members think.

Here are some rules of the mother of all webmaster forums digitalpoint.
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