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Old 06-17-2009
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Exclamation Graphic resource monitor in VISTA

I have a Problem with one of my applications on vISTA. The vista runs smoothly with the graphics card it has but the application does not run.

So,I want to know if I can modify the usage of this graphic memory available from graphic Card to reduce the stress caused by other applications?

Can I also choose a specific amount of memory to each application to smoothly run and also give more resourses to the interested application I like?

For example I want to choose a less memory for video application like windows media player and choose a high resource value for a game I want.

Thanks and best regards.
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Old 06-17-2009
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Can you first let us know what your specs. are especially the graphics card, but in the meantime, no you cannot allocate variable about of memory depending on the program.
The most likely scenario is that your system or graphics setup is not up to the job.
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Old 06-18-2009
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Some applications really do mot jive well with WDM (Windows desktop manager). This is the part of the OS that allows all the fancy 3D flipping , dreamscene and aero effects. As Cyclic has pointed out an automatic per application priority is not possible, however priority setting is available in task manager (right click an application in the window and set priority there (do not go too high), but you will have to set this each time you start up the application. I found that I had to use compatability mode for a few of my 3d modelling applications that used openGL (directx drivers seemed fine). I suggest turning off aero if WDM is causing a slow down.

Because of the nature of Vista (running many instances of certain services) the bottleneck (slowdown) may be due to your CPU rather than your GPU. Even a low powered dual core can have issues handling all the demands made by OS services and applications. Help us by posting you system specs.

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