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Old 11-01-2008
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Default Frequent Yet Erratic Boot failure and Freezing

I have a month-old HP Pavillion desktop s3220 which began its troubles by freezing up, usually when I have left it idle, not running a program, and often in a fairly short time. Those have increased in frequency and now I have booting failures very frequently but erratically. The computer lights go on, the fans all whir, but it never reaches that first screen or bios, no booting beep is heard. Often the monitor doesn't even turn on. OR it boots and runs perfectly for a few hours with no sign of trouble, or just boots up to freeze nearly immediately. When it won't boot, it won't boot from the dvd drive with ubuntu disk either (dvd drive is first in boot order). I have tried installing Ubuntu, but was unable to repartition my disk. I got an error (in ubuntu's partitioning tool) advising me to run chdsk /f within windows. I have yet to do that, but I have run vista's startup repair tool utility, it said Disk Failure Diagnosis, Error Code= 0x0 No OS files found on disk Repair Action, Partition Table repair. Successful.
When I ran hardware diagnostic tools, hard drive test passed all. cpu passed all. system memory passed the first time, I attempted to exit the utility, it said the test had failed to exit correctly and I opted to re-run it. After correctly running and passing all but the last of the basic tests (memory, moving inversion test) it froze.
My motherboard is an ASUS M 2N61 AR (also known as Acacia GL6E to HP and Compaq) I have AMD Athlon 64 5400+ 2.8GHz, 4 GB ram, and I've upgraded my videocard from the onboard model to an EVGA Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS. My power supply is an ACBel PC6012 with a dc output of 160 W.
I think the problems got worse just after the installation of the video card and a game called The Witcher. I have removed the game, but removing the video card causes wacky patterns and an unusable picture. The driver appears to be the same one for both old and new videocards when I looked on EVGA's website.
Also, I have replaced the battery on my motherboard and successfully reset my bios to default. No problem, but not a solution to the other issues.
Obviously, I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to narrow down the problem.
Thank you in advance!

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Old 11-01-2008
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I'm not too shocked that you're having problems, that power supply is so under rated it's a wonder it ever booted. Consider that AMD recommend a minimum 400w PSU for their CPU's and the fact you have now added an add in graphics card which will take far more juice than an integrated one, I am quite sure your problems will be helped,, if not completely cured by changing the PSU.
I believe AMD has always been a bit over engineered stating they need a 400W psu but all things considered either a 400 or 450W supply should have you running again in no time.

Just as a rider, I'm not sure you have the output of your present PSU correct, the mimimum anyone ever supplied was 200W for the old AT standard which went up to 250w for the then new ATX standard. In all the years I have been repairing PC's I don't remember ever comming across a 160W PSU.
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