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Old 01-23-2009
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Angry Very low video FPS & poor game performance - EXCEPT immediately after reboot

So, I decided to upgrade from Windows XP to Vista 64 (ultimate).

This problem has been consistent since the install.

All video files with the exception of .WMV's play horribly. The audio plays fine, and the video seems to sync with the audio whenever it updates, but the video runs at about 2FPS. More of a slideshow than a video.

Streaming flash (ie. youtube) works fine. However, when I try to maximize a video, it lags much like the other videos on my computer. The same thing with xvid streaming videos.

Video files in game intros (Specifically Medieval Total War 2) lag the same way. Everything from the nVidia logo movie, to the menu fading in from black goes frame by frame. Unplayable when that happens.

Now the weird thing is.... If I restart my computer, then open the video file/game as soon as windows is done loading up, it plays fine. I have an .avi Movie that I could not watch due to choppiness, so I restarted my computer and opened it straight away. I watched it all the way through with no problems and closed it. When I attempted to open it again, it was the a slideshow again. Medieval Total war is the same way.

How I know this isn't a codec problem:
-Have tried 3 different codec packs. K-Lite, CCCP, Vista Codec Pack (current)
-Problem is not consistent (plays normally after restart)
-Have tried not using codec packs, just individual codecs (same issue)

How I know this isn't a video card problem:
-Have tried latest drivers, as well as the drivers I used with XP
-Card is working normally now, and was one week ago when I had XP (please please please do not say this is an overheating issue. It is not)
-Windows Aero on/off has no affect on the problem.

3.0ghz Core 2 Duo
Gigabyte P35-DS3L
4x 1gb OCZ DDR2 Ram

Right now I just can't believe I spent money to inherit a boat load of problems, though I've managed to fix all of them apart from this one persistent bugger. Such is the price of staying up-to-date I guess.

Anyways, any help would be appreciated. This is really driving me nuts.
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Old 01-23-2009
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There are a couple of things you can do, first I suggest downloading and installing MS latest WMSDK software which I believe is WMP10 for Vista, it does help in optimizing codecs and can make a lot of the whole WMP experience much better all round. Then you could try a different player, if say you looked for Real player alternative (or quicktime alternative) both of which I use, they both install the old basic win media player without all the fancy bits and it plays just about everything you can throw it's way and is so much lighter on resoures it's just not true.

Then there's this..................

I suggest you use the resource monitor in 'logging' mode to see exactly what happems to CPU and memory usage when you start an .avi or game, somewhere in the list of running tasks will be a program that for some reason, is keeping the resources for itself and in fact increasing what it uses.........why, I honestly don't know. I have had the exact problem recently with a clients machine...........it turned out that the Logitech running service 'LVComSer.exe' was suddenly using 90% of the CPU cycles and most of the RAM.......why ?? neither myself several (yes really several MSMVP's and Logitech themselves could explain it.) So i tried a little something, I disabled it, obviously and made the service only run on 'manual', ie when the webcam was started which it is about once a week if that.
Anyway the point of the wandering story is just to illustrate what might be happening to you with another 'task', maybe if a Logitech server com channel if you got one, but that's why you should log the activity for a while and then it will be abundantly clear what you need to side-swipe to stop it ruining your entertainment.
Of course if none of these helps then we got to start looking into registry settings and default codecs, which I agree with you, the ones you installed should be making things work just fine.
We will (that's you and me plus anyone else who can come up with any suggestions) get this sorted, just a little patients perhaps, it will be worth it.
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Old 01-23-2009
ironcurtain ironcurtain is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
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I took your advice and started logging CPU usage when playing videos etc.

.WMV's - regular CPU usage, 5-15%. No big deal.

What's interesting is when I went to .AVI's/MPEG's usage stayed at 50-60%.

I ended up uninstalling my codecs somewhat accidentally after that. And even with no video, just sound and a windows media player visualization playing in lieu of the video, it was the same story.

I then opened windows media player with no video file, just opened the program itself, and noticed CPU usage was at 50%

A little googling lead me to disable library/folder monitoring, and that problem went away. However the ridiculous CPU usage while playing non WMV's persists. I will keep looking for solutions, but in the meantime more of your help would be appreciated.
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