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Old 04-19-2009
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Default Spreadsheet data entry problem

I am new to Vista. This problem relates to both Lotus 123 and Excel spreadsheets.

When I enter numbers that look like dates, they are being interpreted as dates. For example if I enter 6-3 (meaning 6 minus 3) it is entered on the spreadsheet as 06-03 as a date (format 31-12). If I change to general number then I get a date number (39878 in this case). I want my numbers to be always inpreted as numbers.

I know that I can enter + in the cell when I start the calculation, but I didn't have to do this when I was using spreadsheets on XP.

I've tried User Setup but that didn't help.

Hope someone can help.

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Old 04-19-2009
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I don't know if you would be better served looking in software forums, rather than an operating system specific forum, as this is not specifically a Vista problem but a third party software error\incompatibility.
I know they do have forums for Microsoft Office related problems, not so sure about the aged Lotus though.
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Old 04-19-2009
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Quick correction:
In Excel, pressing the "=" key before entering anything causes the program to recognize the following entry as a calculation.

Try formatting all of the required cells to the desired look/data type BEFORE entering the data.

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