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Old 04-20-2007
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Default Vista load error "preparing desktop" after repartition.


I'm a newbie here - after finding vistahelpforum by googling for support forums for my particular problem. I hope someone in this community might have some ideas for me... Smile

So after having a stable and successful dual-boot with XP and Vista Ultimate 32Bit for several months now, I got over-confident.

After a long night getting the kids to sleep, etc etc, I had the bright wee hours of the morning idea that I could quickly increase my Vista partition size as it was getting a little light (it shares an internal HDD with another drive letter) and promptly stuffed my Vista boot.

Setup = C:\ XP Boot (original OPSYS). V:\ Vista Partition (shared on same drive as D:\)

What I did...

* Booted into XP, loaded Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.
* Resized D:\ (shrunk by 25GB) and Resized v:\ (increased by 25GB).
* Applied actions.
* Had a PC lock-up in XP some time later, reset PC.
* Boot error - no Windows Vista found (load original disc).
* Loaded Vista disc and used "r" option. Located vista partition, repaired.
* Vista Booted (had rundll.exe error or something similar) and died.
* Re-booted, hit F8 and selected "last known good config." Vista ran lengthy disc check. (Noticed Vista volume was now H:\ not V:\ ???)
* Re-Booted- Vista loaded to login. Keyed password, and "preparing desktop" appeared.
* My desktop and startup programs fail to boot and I get stuck in a plain blue empty screen with cursor only. CTR-ALT-DEL accesses Task Manager or log-off / shutdown screen but I have an incomplete load of vista and no profile.

I have re-checked the Vista Drive in XP and it is all there (profile/data/opsys etc). However, when I boot back to command prompt in Vista - V:\ has become H:\ as mentioned. No wonder my profile/desktop/start-up and Vista doesn't kick-in properly!

Anyone know the safest way to fix this? I reckon that if I somehow change the volume letter from H:\ to V:\ within the Vista boot everything will "reload" normally.

Acronis is installed under XP boot, and I have a BART PE boot disc, the Vista boot Disc and a GNOME Part. ED image I can burn also... Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance,
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Old 04-21-2007
striderlps striderlps is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
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striderlps is on a distinguished road

I think the problem I have is that running the Vista Boot Disc with repair option - bypasses the boot setup on my HDD. Therefore, Vista does not see my XP install on my C:\. Also, I cannot access the repair option from the Vista Disc within my XP boot - as opposed to the "install" options which I originally did to install Vista dual-boot.

This means that my V:\ (visible in my XP boot as V:\) is reassigned when I select Vista in my start-up boot options. It then becomes H:\. This stops all my apps, profile and Vista botting properly - hence the plain blue vista screen after "preparing desktop".

When I boot to XP, and load Acronis or Disk Management in XP, C:\ is an "active" partition with my XP Boot & System files.

However, V:\ (a primary partition shared with D:\ on a 320GB HDD) is not an "active" partition.

If I make v:\ active in XP, will this help when I try and reboot and select my Vista boot ?

If not, how can I (from within XP) lock Vista to recognise the system drive as V:\ and not assign it's own letter ?

Hopefully there is a way to avoid a full reinstall and +apps +config +updates....
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