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Old 09-11-2007
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Default ConsentPromptBehaviorUser=2?

I wanted to post this in UAC Features but it doesn't look like too active of a forum. I want to disable the run as context menu item and give my user just a dialog box (like I get) instead of a user prompt. Reason being, I have a game that won't read the cdkey in registry without admin privliges. If i set it to run as admin, it still asks him for a pass. I tried setting ConsentPromptBehaviorUser to 2 just like Admin, with no luck. I don't want to give him the pass though. Anybody have a means of accomplishing this in other ways? Thanks,

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Old 09-15-2007
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Interesting problem. I moved your thread to the UAC forum. If I get a few minutes later today I will looking into it. A fix for this should be able to help a lot of other users get particular games running on Vista.
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