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Old 12-28-2006
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Cool Search Engine API's

Ok, so I know its been said over and over again how much better Google is than the other 3 big commonly know SE's (MSN, Yahoo, Ask), but I just wanted to chime in and say a little of the why that is a fact...As a lead developer for a online advertising company I have gotten quite a bit of experience dealing with various API's that these SE's have made avalible to allow custom programs for just about anything; well at least Google's allow you to do just about anything, the rest plain SUCK! Yahoo Search Marketing still has the majority of their clients running their old backend (Overture) and their old api (the first of its kind, but by no means should it still be in production). They delayed their new system over and over again and are finally now slowly realeasing it to their clients. This is just unacceptable if they want to even think about competing with Google. I think thats like a 5 or 6 year turn around time for a new backend/api for their advertisers...most of us dont have cars that old. Google on the other hand pumps out new features for their backend and releases new versions (and depricates old) of their adWords API so fast it is actually hard to keep up with...and thats how it should be, and thats why they are leaving Yahoo in the dust. Ask.com has done ok in my opinion...they just came out with a new backend and API and I think they plan on upgrading that based on user feedback in the not so far future. But they are pretty small potatos still as far as traffic goes. MSN...I dont even know where to start; what a mess. Their adCenter backend is nice looking, but forget it if you want to manage more than 10 ads. And their API is...OHH, wait, they dont have one.

Google makes ALL their money from their online advertising system and the other SE's see that and are trying to get a piece of the action but are failing miserably. Google is so far ahead in functionality and is still pumping new things out so fast that I really see no end to their dominance in sight.

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Old 12-29-2006
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Google has certainly pioneered and dominated the field of webservices. It is hard to imagine that Yahoo and especially microsoft have fallen so behind. Anyway, great post tcash11. I moved the thread to its own forum and I am making you moderator of it. Your expertise will certainly make this site great.
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Old 12-30-2006
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50% of my traffic comes from Google searches. I'm lucky to get any traffic at all from Yahoo or MSN. Seems like a waste of money and resources for them to even be in the market.
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