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Default Failing to open various FileTypes incl html/mp3

Good day to anyone reading this.
I have never posted anything before so forgive me if i am chaotic or unclear.
However i am trying to help a friend with a pc problem. which seems to be several things at the same time...

Let me try to give the right idea of the problem:

Vista Home Premium SP1 32-bit

Problems Overview:
When opening iexplorer it has google as homepage..
however instead of showing the website.. it will ask me if i want to open or download the google_nl.htm.. when i open my iexplorer just stays blank.. if i would choose to cancel iexplorer will close.

Tried to see if FireFox would work.. but i get a runtime error trying to open it and it closes immediately.

But its not only .html problems.. when opening an .mp3 file it will open up WMP but will not play the file.. after a moment it will state an Error has occured. Check the web for assistance.. which is impossible right now of course.

Also certain program windows stay blank when opening.. such as McAfee control center..

I also retrieve an error when going to Default Programs.. and wish to set Default values for Internet Explorer or Windows Mail.. error code 80070002

Another thing is that the list in All Programs is empty

Also i am unable to update to SP 2 and keep retrieving an error when trying this.. ERROR_INVALID_DATA(0x8007000d)

An update for Microsoft Network 3.5 SP 1 keeps failing

Cannot go into System properties / Personal settings and a few more

I have checked and eliminated any suspicious software
(only one i thought was suspicious was Easy Search..)

I have used Adaware & Spybot for cleaning and searching malware
(only found 1 file with adaware mentioning win32.backdoor.xhaker
which it removed)

Following with a registry scan by Eusing Registry Cleaner
(cleaned 490 lines errors)

I have done a system files scan with sfc /scannow
(all files ok except 1 which could not be fixed.. however i read online this was a normal situation)

I have used a Win Vista cd to do a Status Repair
(mentioned not to see any problems)

As i said i tried to update to Service Pack 2 but got error
(it mentions to try and use System Update Readiness.. however this did not solve my problem to update.. still same situation)

One small good news is that for not being able to go into a few folders i found information to register msxml3.dll .. which solved that part
but maybe this gives an idea for anyone else what can be going on

Beside that i read so much info online that i have really tired eyes.. and i probably did more damage than i really solved anything by trying to find registry fixes... All the problems seem to be linked together with the idea there are certain problems with File Associations.. or how to execute them.

I have tried default File Association reg fixes.. but its not really the association that is the problem because the icons are good and the correct program opens.. the program is just unable to actually work with it...

I am tired and lost.. and i hope someone somewhere sees this as a nice challenge to help and has the patience to fix this with me....
(even though i am tired.. i hate giving up and doing a reinstall...)

Thanks for ur time

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