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Default 'Unidentified network' problem


I switched on my laptop today and it wouldn't connect to the internet because of an 'unidentified network' problem. Last night before I went to bed it was surfing the net fine and then this morning, nothing. No one has touched the laptop overnight and it was switched off all night so I have no idea how this has happened. I'm using my internet connection via my iPhone with no problems.

I've already tried several things to try and fix the problem - I've reinstalled all network adapters, have fiddled with IPv4 settings, have deleted and re-setup my network connection, and have restored Windows to a previous point. I can't connect my laptop to the router using a cable because I live in a bock of flats where lots of people share the same router and it's locked in a security box, so I'm just using a wireless connection.

Apologies if this error has been posted about before but I wanted to start a new thread so I could explain the actions I'd already taken to try and fix things. Judging from a Google search this seems to be a pretty common Vista problem.

Any help you could give me would be much appreciated, I've been trying to fix this for 6 hours now Thank you.
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