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Old 09-25-2007
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Default Can't 'Show File Names'

Hi everyone. First time posting, but Im having a problem in Vista. I know my way around windows pretty well, so i dont think its something simple...

the problem is, for apparently no reason at all, every now and then a folder's 'view settings' change on its own... they are set so that file names are not shown. I know there is an option in the view options to either hide/show filenames in this view, but now the option has gone in these folders where the view has changed itself...

in the past i have just created another folder all together, and moved everything to that folder... but this time it has happened to the root of my disk, so I cant really move them then delete the 'faulty' folder... and there are a lot of folders!

any help is greatly appreciated..

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Old 04-19-2008
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Gee Ryan, I hope you got an answer to this because this very problem is what prompted me to search for a Vista Help Forum.

I am having weird issues with File Views. They were working and now they aren't in some areas. I too know my way around reasonably well, but I can't get basic files to show like php and gif extensions.

I have one folder, which is where I was alerted to the issue, that holds an index.php file for a web page I wrote, but it doesn't show up in Dreamweaver or in Explorer. To access the file I have to go into Filezilla and call it into Dreamweaver from there. I have been through the View settings at least 5 times and can find no reason this is happening.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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