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Old 11-24-2009
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Default graphics card advice

I've been looking at new graphics cards, and I'm wondering if this would be good for my system. I've looked around a lot and this looks to be the best from what I can find for a good amount of money.
The reviews make it seem great, and my only miff with it is the size, as I have a small(ish) case, and the power supply recommended.

Here are my current specs if it helps (or matters):
Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz
2805 mb ram
Windows Vista Home premium 32 bit os
300 watt power supply (I know this card is recommended 350 watt but I've seen reviews and I've been told that it seems to run just fine on 305 or even less of a power supply, this is my main concern).

Currently my graphics card is Geforce 8400 gs. I realized that it is just awful with current games, and I want to replace it. So I'm hoping the card from the link would be good for my system. It seems to run all the current games with no problem, and even just moderate settings are fine, I don't care too much for looks, as long as it works.

Also if anyone has any better ideas, I would love to hear them. Money is an issue though, so the cheaper it is, the better.
Thanks in advance.
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