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Old 05-08-2007
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Default OMG noobies are attacking me!

i know this isnt vista related but i need help. I run a game server. I made the game (EDIT: actually no its copyrighted by someone else but they let some registered people to make their own versions, i just made the server by myself) i run it i operate it and maintain it. A couple of computer noob signed up and want to do something just as complex as i am. So i made a nice and easy set up thing for the really complicated client and server and database crap.
But these are the NOOBIEST NOOBS in the world! Ones bugging me right now! I need help to explain to them:
1) open up a html file in a text editor
2)find their windows directory (if it is or maybe its not called windows on a drive that may not be C
3)moving files
4)unzipping (everything nessicary is already istalled on their computer)
5)basic easy baby html (including what is head, body, tags)
6)broswe directories (how to interpete C:/windows/program files/ and how to get there)
omg you must think that i'm crazy and should say to them "sorry but this isn't you. Try something a little less complicated." but i cant do it i tried already, could you try to help me explain? I don't get it. Explaining how to do this kinda stuff is too hard for me.

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