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Default Fixing XP

If your computer is WAY slower then it was when you first bought it and you've tried everything to tweak it and its still slow and unstable here are a few steps to get it fixed..

1. The most common problem is with your disk corrupted which leads to instability and bad performance. The easy way of fixing it is scheduling disk checks for ALL your drives. You do this by going to my computer and right clicking a drive. Then go to tools tab and under error checking click on check now. Tick both Automatically fix file system errors and attempt to scan and recover bad sectors..

2. Memory is also another part which if faulty will lead to instability. You can check if your rams bad by using Memtest X86. After downloading copy it to a Floppy disk. and when starting up there should be "press anykey to boot from floppy"..just press a random key.If it doesnt go into your Bios which can be done when your motherboards screen comes up on startup press del..then a blueish screen will come up. Find boot preference and put floppy to 1.

3. Rogue process's can cause to ALOT of freezing and stuttering. To troubleshoot go to Task manager by pressing Control Shift Escape. Then go to processes tab and check which task is taking up alot of CPU. System Idle process is known to take alot so dont worry about it. If another programs taking alot you can end the process (wiill terminate the program). Try a reinstallation of the program to fix the prob..Also you should run Hiijack this which will search for spyware processes.

If all that still has your comp slow try a reformat and fresh installation of XP. If this doesnt work then it should be a hardware problem which are alot harder to fix.
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