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Old 04-20-2014
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Default Font size in toolbars, menus, labels, etc.

More or less by accident, in searching for a way to "Print Screen", I pressed Shift+Alt+Print Screen and was offered a screen in "high contrast". The screen I wanted to print was a map in various pale colors, so I thought "high contrast" might make it come out more legible on paper.

"High contrast" turned out to mean changing from black print on a white background to white on black. Ugh! I reversed that change, hoping to go back to my normal screen. But one side effect that I haven't been able to reverse is that all the lettering—on Windows toolbars, menus, and the labels that identify desktop icons, for instance—the lettering has gotten smaller or thinner, making it harder to read. "Ctrl-+" enlarges only the contents of a window, not these labels.

(An additional side-effect is that the blue background at the top of a Windows window, and the blue background that appears when I highlight text, for example in Notepad, those blue backgrounds are a much darker blue, almost black.)

Help! I want my bolder labels back.
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