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Old 08-05-2010
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Default problem with the profile path

I had set up a task named task1 with "event scheduler" (as explained here)
i then mistakenly changed either the name for the profile or the home path or even link path ( i dont remember )
now, every time I open the task scheduler, I get the error that
"An error has occurred for the task task1 -"user name". Error message: The deificeps account name is not valid
the error is followed by the same error for task Reminders "ProfileName1"

I dont seem to have access to these tasks to delete them.
there are also two other google update tasks that are there but I cant delete when I try to do so. I get similar errors

What is interesting is that the the task1 seems to be working as the program runs at the startup fine. also, im getting errors for google update (event id: 20) which I assume indicates that they are being run.

The information below, might make the reason for this more clear.

The story behind it(sorry if its a bit long) :
I had set up my profile ( which is an admin profile) with the name ProfileName1.
after some time, I changed it to ProfileName2 from "user accounts" in control panel. The user profile however, remained with the name ProfileName1.
that was quiet a while ago.
Now, recently I have started to look at the "event history" to check for errors, etc.
fixed a few with the online instructions. one of them (that I cant remember unfortunately) involved going to a section to either -set the permissions for the different users to have access to a directory ( I guess it wasnt a normal one that needed this) or -setting the path link for the profile.
In that window, I could set the link path and home path as well as the name for that profile if im not mistaken. I think either as a part of the process for fixing that error or just to experiment(!) I changed the name to ProfileName2
My problem is that I cant find that program that I caused this change by.
By online serach, Im guessing it was "Active Directory Users and Computers"
but when i try typing the command for it, It doesnt seem to be installed anymore.
so, now the tasks I have set are messed up and i cant even find them when I go in the "task scheduler"

I would appreciate your help very much!
Im total newbie... i guess its obvious from the type of mistake ive done
I have been trying to get my head round this for a couple of days but no progress..

thanks in advance for your replies,
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Old 02-20-2014
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Default long path files

You can try to login as an administrator.
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Old 03-02-2014
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There is an idea. If you right click on an application you'll see the Windows Vista menu come up with an option "run as administrator" which might give you more options. I'll take a look at this further - have you been able to solve the problem yet?
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