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Old 07-25-2008
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Default Vista won't boot

I have a Dell inspiron 1720 laptop running windows vista home. Vista froze while running firefox and I had to force my computer off. I have had the same problem a lot before, so I didn't think it was going to be a problem this time. When I tried to restart the computer it froze up again and I did another force power off. I tried to restart it a second time and it informed me that windows had failed to start.

Now I had two options: use the startup repair or just start normally. I chose to use startup repair and it loaded the initial screen where the loading bar scrolls across the screen. That screen scrolled for about 5 seconds and then changed like the startup repair window was about to load, but nothing appeared. No blinking light or anything just a black screen. The monitor backlight was still on so I think the monitor was working its just that nothing was being displayed. After about 20 minutes of waiting I forced it off again and was again brought to the "windows has failed to start" screen. This time I chose "start windows normally" and the regular scrolling screen came up. This time it kept scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling until after about 20 minutes I forced the poweroff again.

Now I knew something was wrong so I tried unhooking the little watch battery on the mobo to see if it would reset something but it didn't work. I used my vista install disk to try to repair it, but it loaded all the files off of the disk and then went to the black screen again. The only difference was that now I had a huge cursor that I could move around the black screen. I tried starting in kernel mode, safe mode, and the one where you go back to the last good boot setting. Still nothing. That's about everything I know how to do. I'm afraid that the boot file is corrupted and I wont be able to get all of my music, pictures, etc. off of my computer and I DONT want to lose it. If anybody can help me out by giving me another option I would really appreciate it. I would be happy if I could just get all of my personal files off of the hard drive.

Please help!
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Old 07-26-2008
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Please post you system specs. I don't know if ti will help, but please post them anyway for a starting point.

Also, open the beast up and make sure everything is connected properly. i.e. RAM, CPU, power cables, SATA cables etc.
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