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Old 09-06-2007
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Unhappy UAC dark screen but no dialogue box-help-display?

Yesterday my Vista Ultimate install started to play up, and a quick search told me this was the place to help me.

Basically the UAC dialogue box will not appear. Whenever I try to install a program or change any setting vista deems as a potential security risk the screen goes dark and normally a dialogue box appears for me to allow or deny the action. However, the box does not appear any more, but the screen still goes dark and I cannot click anything.
Also, the language bar pops up for some reason (UK English/Us English-I think it's the one that changes the keyboard country type).
Anyway theres no way for me to accept it-Enter does not work, and i have to Ctrl+Alt+Delete out of it.
I do have a dual monitor setup, but it's only recently that the problem has occured, it worked fine before.
The monitors are of different resolutions...but I don't see how it could really related?

Also, i have looked into ways to disable UAC, such as the 5 here, but all of them require me to accept the dialogue box first, which I cannot see...

Any comments/suggestions/help are appreciated, I like to think I know my way around most computer problems, but this one has me stumped and I cannot find any information about this happened to anyone else..I'm seriously considering going back to XP.
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Old 09-07-2007
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Join Date: Sep 2007
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O great move me into a features discussion sub forum where noone will even see my problem thread. Thanks alot mod. Looks like I'm going to have to look elsewhere for help
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