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Old 03-25-2007
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Thumbs up Vista Speech Recognition

Ok, so I havnt tried a speech recognition program for years cause the last one I tried was more than frusterating...so I thought I'd give the technology some time to mature. I just now finished the wizard for the Vista Speech Recognition software and Iam fairly impressed so far. Ive heard dragon naturally speaking software is nice and as I said, havnt tried anything recently to compare to, but this is definatly pretty cool. It is setup so that it only activates when I say "start listening" and then from there many simple but effective commands come into play and if you cant remember them at any point you can just say "what can I say" and a nice little dialog will show up to tell you what you can do at that point. Minimize, Restore or Close windows or programs with ease. Navigate the start menu or any file/options menus. And writing test docs or emails is a breeze once you get down 3-4 simple commands ("correct xxxx", "move to xxxx", etc...). I have not really tested this in a work environment to see if Im actually more productive yet, but I doubt it would be considering im a programmer, but for my causual time (like writing in this forum, which im doing right now with the voice software) it is pretty spiffy!
Has anyone else tried this out? Thoughts? Any comparisons to other voice recognition sofware?

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Old 06-27-2007
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Oh man, speech recognition is fun. I was "teaching" my computer to understand me for nearly a whole day. It feels weird telling your computer what to do, and it does it.
But it doesn't always do it right, I say "show numbers" and it shows the desktop, I then say "I never said that you dumb *******!", to which it replies, "What was that?".
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